Screenplay Movie Scene: Black Widow: Fugitive, by Brooke Elowe

Narrator: Matt Barnes
Natasha Romanoff – Danielle Nicole
Ava Orlova – Esther Teeboo
Tony Stark – Manny Pacheco
Friday – Val Cole

Visual Design & Editor: Kimberly Villarruel

Produced by Matthew Toffolo


Following the events of Captain America: Civil War, Natasha Romanoff is on the run. Branded a fugitive for violating the Sokovia Accords, she must not only avoid the clutches of Secretary Ross, who’s hell-bent on her arrest, but also her greatest enemy: Ivan Petrovich, Natasha’s instructor from her days in the Red Room.

However, it’s not just Natasha who Ivan is after. He’s also looking for Ava Orlova, a young girl Natasha rescued from his clutches nearly 10 years ago on behalf of SHIELD. Forced to reunite, Natasha and Ava set off on a search for answers…answers dangerous enough to compromise them both.

Summary of where we are when the best scene occurs:

It’s the beginning of Act II. Natasha and Ava have just barely escaped a kidnapping attempt from Ivan’s mercenaries. Searching for an explanation as to why their old nemesis is after them, Natasha and Ava enlist the help of Tony Stark to determine the function of the OPUS Technology, a machine Ivan used to run experiments on Ava before Natasha rescued her

The scene takes place in upstate New York at the Avengers Compound (more specifically, in Tony’s lab). Everything is expensive, state-of-the-art, and high-tech.

2 BROKE GIRLS Original Screenplay Reading – Watch Now!

Watch the Performance Reading of 2 BROKE GIRLS:

Script titled “And the Sick Horse” by Greg Wayne


When Chestnut falls ill, the girls are forced to become phone-sex operators to pay for his treatment. Meanwhile, Oleg and Earl coach Han in preparation for a big date.


NARRATOR – Gennalee Gordon
CAROLINA – Lex Kilgour
MAX – Stefanie Terzo
OLEG/GELO – Neil Bennett
HAN – David Poon
DR. HUNG – Danielle Nicole
EARL – Rob Green
WOMAN – Hannah Drew
HIPSTER #1 – David Occhipinti
HIPSTER #2 – Paul R. Whitaker

Get to know writer Greg Wayne:

1. Why would your TV SPEC be a perfect episode for the original show?

I think it captures the tone and voice of the series, and explores the topic of equine bowel obstruction in a unique way.

2. How long have you been writing screenplays?

About four years.

3. What film have you seen the most in your life?

Barry Lyndon or Happy Gilmore

4. What artists in the film industry would you love to work with?

Mickey Rourke

5. How many screenplays have you written?

One feature, one short, four sitcom specs, and a bunch of sketches.

6. Ideally, where would you like to be in 5 years?

Writing for television or film.

7. Describe your process; do you have a set routine, method for writing?

I procrastinate until writing becomes less painful than not writing.

8. Apart from writing, what else are you passionate about?

Very little.

9. What influenced you to enter the WILDsound Script Contest?

The chance to have the script read by actors.

10. Any advice or tips you’d like to pass on to other writers?

Cutting carbs is the easiest way to lose weight.

Watch Original Performance Reading of MARY TYLER MOORE Show

Watch the Performance Reading of THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW:

Script titled “Branching Out” by Barry Brennessel. An original episode written in 2014 for the classic 1970s show.

Read interview with the writer:


Rhoda becomes the Hempel Catalogue Department’s new creative director. She has a brilliant idea requiring use of the WJM newsroom and begs Mary to ask Lou for permission to do a photo shoot there.


NARRATOR – Gennalee Gordon
MARY – Danielle Nicole
RHODA – Hannah Drew
MURRAY – Neil Bennett
LOU – David Occhipinti
PHYLLIS – Lex Kilgour
BESS – Stefanie Terzo
TED – Paul R. Whitaker

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