Top Fan Fiction Festival Screenplays of 2020

Watch the winning readings performed by professional actors. 12 screenplays in total.

BEST SCENE Fan Fiction Festival Reading: CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM “Take a Knee”, by Lance Barnett

FAN FICTION Best Scene Reading: Farscape “Legacy”, by Shane Walsh-Smith

Winning FAN FICTION Short Screenplay: Star Wars: Rendezvous, by Brent Peterson

FAN FICTION Festival 1st Scene Script Reading: SUPERMAN 1983: COLLECTOR OF WORLDS, by R. S. Phillips

1st Scene Screenplay Reading: STARGATE ORIGINS: BRA’TAC, by Taylor Underwood

Fan Fiction Short Story Reading: The Mandalorian vs Boba Fett, by Hector Rivera

Best Scene FAN FICTION Screenplay Reading of PRINCESS BRIDE, by Carolyn McCray

Winning FAN FICTION Short Screenplay Reading: BLACK WIDOW, by Benjamin Jefferson

Winning TV SPEC Screenplay: Bojack Horseman S05E09.5 Fifteen Minutes, by Shane Walsh-Smith

Winning TV SPEC Screenplay: Brooklyn Nine-Nine “Bruce in Real Life”, by Brian McDevitt Jr.

Winning TV PILOT Screenplay Reading: Sector: 2814 (Green Lantern), by Jonathan Mabee

TV SPEC Reading of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “The Gang Gets Diverse”, by Jordan Champagne

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