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OLIVER questions his mission and family loyalty when DIGG’s former lieutenant RICK FLAG threatens to make MOIRA pay for her unpunished crimes. Meanwhile, SARA visits LAUREL in rehab and ROY struggles with leading a double life from THEA. Back on the Island, Sara warns Oliver of SLADE’S increasing erratic behavior.


NARRATOR – Amaka Umeh
Arrow – Lucas James
Felicity – Ashley Arnett
Quentin – John Goodrich
Diggie – Mark Sparks
Roy – Andrew Tite
Canary – Melinda Michael
Mrs. Bagley – Val Cole

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Archer witnesses (what he thinks is) Krieger’s murder at the hands of vigilantes, and decides he needs to do something to preserve what he considers to be an important legacy. While he and Lana stalk Krieger’s “murderers” through the streets of Jerusalem, he nags the piss out of her in an effort to get her to let him serve as her unborn child’s father figure.


ARCHER – Robert Notman
LANA – Alissa DeGrazia
KRIEGER – Barry Minshull
GUY – Scott Gerard
RAY/BARRY – Gregory Outram Kuzma
CYRIL – Andrew Ahmed
MALLORY – Susan Q. Wilson
KATYA – Stacey Watson

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