Watch TV SPEC Reading: CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM by Mark Melara

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CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM “The Transplant”, TV Spec, by Mark Melara


When Jason Alexander gets a hair transplant, Larry calls him out as a traitor to the bald community. After some strange occurrences Larry begins to suspect there’s some kind of bald club that is conspiring against him. Meanwhile Jeff agrees to represent Jason while Leon becomes Larry’s assistant.


NARRATOR – Frances Townend
Larry – Charles Gordon
Jeff – Neil Kulin
Leon – Kaleb Alexander
Jason Alexander – Rob Salerno
Paula – Alicia Payne
Waitress – Julia Vally
Susie – Jacqueline Brown

Watch TV SPEC Reading: NEW GIRL “Career Day” by Melissa K. Willis

Watch the TV Performance Reading of the NEW GIRL Television Show:


“Career Day”, an on speculation of the Fox sitcom New Girl, finds Jess in charge of the school’s Career Day activities in which she must deliver or possibly lose her job.


JESS – Erynn Brook
SCHMIDT – Rob Salerno
NICK/BANKS – John Marcucci
CECE – Leah Doz
WINSTON – Peter Bent
COACH – Mark Sparks
STUDENT 1 – Graciela Alexandra Martinez
STUDENT 2 – Jillian Cameron

    * * * * *

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