Watch MAD MEN “A Hold on Me” Season 4 Episode 6.5

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Watch Original Screenplay Reading of MAD MEN, by M.J. Louis:


NARRATOR – Deborah Merrick
DON DRAPER – Christopher Huron
PEGGY OLSON – Kayla Lynn Lewis
PETE/STAN – Matthew Taylor
STEPHANIE/BETTY – Katelyn Vanier
FAYE MILLER – Sidonie Wybourn
LANE PRYCE – Mark Munro
JOEY/MARK – Andrew Farr
PATTY/JOAN – Martha Girvin
BERT/DUCK – Ryan Fisher

Synopsis from writer M.J. Louis:

My spec script is from Mad Men Season four which follows Don Draper as he is forced to leave someone else in charge of creative as the agency tries to win a new account while he faces a family crisis.

This spec script is set between episodes six and seven of season four. In episode six, Don Draper wins a CLEO award for the Glo-Coat Ad. Peggy Olson feels slighted because he did not give her any credit for the work she did on the project. During this episode, Peggy and the art director, Stan, reach a creative block while working on a pitch.

In episode three, Don travels to California to visit Anna Draper, the wife of the real Don Draper. He learns she has cancer, but her sister, Patty, and her daughter, Stephanie, make Don promise to go along with their not informing on her illnes.. He complies and says a tearful good-bye.

In episode seven, Peggy and Stan still do not have a pitch for Don for Samsonite luggage. So Peggy stays late with Don on her birthday. Don and Peggy have explosion encounter while Don learns that Anna has died. As his bond with Anna has changed, his bond with Peggy is stronger.