Director Biography – Ronnie Henry (THE CONFESSIONS OF THE BAT)

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An award-winning Writer & Director who loves film and creating a good story at the same time. His main ambition is to become either a film writer/director/editor because all aspects of media are huge personal passions of him. This is why he has decided to combine his love for stories and the art medium of film in order to make his own amazing stories.

I have worked on music, corporate and promotional videos in different roles – camera operating; editing, and storyboarding. I’ve directed short films (live-action/animation) some of which have won awards and been selected at prestigious film festivals around the world.

Director Statement

I know the art of filmmaking will demand a lot from me and I believe I can maintain high standards in my work. My aim is to work in the film industry, more specifically directing and editing. I see it as a new media form that is relevant to today’s society and worthy of study.

Director Biography – Rob Ayling (LIVING IN CRIME ALLEY)

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An award winning Writer & Director with a background in Art and Film Philosophy, Rob graduated with a BA Hons from UWE Bristol during which time he started the first film based radio show for Hub Radio. This led to him being commissioned to write film reviews and articles for Intuition Magazine. In 2014, Rob graduated from the Met Film School with a Masters in Film Directing.

He has worked on television, corporate videos and feature film productions in different roles – camera operating; editing; and storyboarding. Rob has directed short films (live action/animation) some of which have won awards and been selected at prestigious film festivals including BAFTA qualifying film festivals. In March 2017, Listen To Me won Shooting People’s Film of the Month competition. In 2018, Being Wild a short film made in 60 hours won awards for Best Short Film and Best Director at the Royal Wolf Film Awards in Los Angeles, USA. In March 2018, a web series called Dreaming Whilst Black was released online, Rob directed the 4th episode titled; “Family Dinners”, which went on to win Best UK Series at UK WEB FEST 2018 as well as many others.

In 2019, Rob brought his award winning screenplay Living in Crime Alley (A Batman Story) to life and it screened at the British Film Institute (BFI). The film was released online in December 2019 and since then has screen and won multiple awards at film festivals around the world.

Rob’s favourite and influential filmmakers are Christopher Nolan, Billy Wilder, Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock. On a personal note, he is also a former Starbucks Barista champion.

Director Statement

I am not only a huge lover of cinema, I am a massive Batman fan. In 2017, I wrote Living in Crime Alley after having gone through one the worst financial periods in my life. The screenplay was not only a way to escape my own problems, but also to express my frustrations in a creative way. When the screenplay was gaining more and more attention, I soon realised that this resonated with audiences and that despite Batman having been created in the late 1930s, Living in Crime Alley shows that this character has a resonance with the life that people live today. The film brings the dark knight and everything that he brings with him into the sharp focus of todays recession and the reality of everyday struggle.

Director Biography – Raymond Montemayor (STAR WARS: THE TOYS AWAKEN)

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Raymond is an engineer turned artist. He holds BS and MS degrees in engineering from Harvey Mudd College and UCLA, respectively, and spent 12 years designing communication chips for the wireless and cable TV industries. He founded PixelPlex in 2012 to pursue his interests in digital media design, providing services as a motion graphics designer, visual effects artist, stop-motion animator, and 3D animator. A lifelong Star Wars fan, Raymond has focused his love for art and technology to produce this Star Wars fan film.

Director Statement

For your consideration, this is the seven-minute Director’s Cut of Star Wars: The Toys Awaken. The original five-minute version won the Best Stop Motion and Spirit of Fandom awards in Lucasfilm’s 2018 Star Wars Fan Awards.

Director BIO: Brittany Joyner (Stranger Things: The Story of Henry and Dale)

Director – Brittany Joyner

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Brittany Joyner has been a working professional in the film and television industry since 2011. Gaining experience in Avid, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Creative suite along the way. She also has experience in the visual effect industry working at Industrial Light & Magic during the production of The Revenant and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Originally from Orlando Florida, in 2016 she moved to Los Angeles to further her career in the industry. She has a dedication to post production unlike any other. Working tirelessly to grow and expand her knowledge and creativity.


Director BIO: Jessica Champneys (STAR WARS: DRESCA)

Director Biography – Jessica Champneys

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Jessica Champneys is a 24 year-old filmmaker based in Salt Lake City, Utah. While she has worn many hats to bring her films to light, she prefers to work as a writer, director, and editor. When she isn’t working on her own projects, she works as an associate producer at Usana Studios, and as a video editor and VFX artist for Digital Pressworks. She loves to craft dark and emotionally impacting stories while cuddling with her collection of adorable stuffed animals.