Writing Festival Event. Summary of the Sunday Nov. 22nd event

WILDsound Festival

Tonight’s writing festival event will be showcasing 4 screenplays performed by professional actors in the Toronto film & theater industry.

The event table readings will be editing and then posted online by Dec. 1st.

Performing the Full Feature Screenplay: 

FEI JI, by James C. Peters

Genre: Drama, History, Biography


In the early 1900s young Chinese Americans, recruited to learn to fly and take “aeroplanes” to China, faced isolation from their families, jealousy, and danger when they accepted the challenge.

And 3 1st Scene Screenplay Readings:

Give Me A Reason, by Theresa Drew

Genre: Dark Comedy


Suicidal Andy hits the jackpot when she gets a treatable but aggressive form of cancer. Choosing not to receive treatment does not go over well with Oncologist Dr. Ronald, who makes it her mission to give Andy a reason to live.

Loveless, by Chris Courtney Martin

Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy


When the implant in her brain…

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