Watch TV Spec Reading of THE AMERICANS by Addison A A Bhuyan

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Watch THE AMERICANS “Revolution and Resolution”


NARRATOR – Becky Shrimpton
PHILIP – Devin Upham
PAIGE – Erynn Brook
ELIZABETH – Lauren Toffan
HENRY – Adam Martignetti
PASTER TIM/STAN – Allan Michael Brunet

Get to know writer Addison A A  Bhuyan:

 1. What is your TV spec about?

The Americans – Revolution & Resolution is about how Elizabeth and Philip are forced to take action when they are betrayed by their daughter, Paige.

2. Why does this spec fit into the context of the TV show?

I imagined this episode being the Season 4 premiere. And I wanted to kick-off the fourth season with a real bang! This would reward those fans who have seen every single episode of the previous three seasons, and get everybody excited about what’s to come next for these characters.

3. In this spec, you have invented the future conflict of the show with Paige and…

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