Locked In, Poetry by Samantha K Collinson

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Love, Passion, Life, Dreams, Illness, Moments, Time, Age, Sadness, Suffering, Happiness, Hope, Family, Loss, Trapped, Yearning, Freedom.

Locked In
by Samantha K Collinson

Exploding lights, raindrops

Hitting electric fields.

I run out, dancing;

Entwined, holding his hand.

The sky, extravagant,

Fireworks waving, rainbow

Colours rippling.

I look at him, filled with

Emotion. Heart throbbing,

Body quaking.

I feel the rhythm,

Absorbing. We run into


Twisting and turning,

The music rising,

Vibrations quickening.

The night stands still,

No time limit, no loss,

Just us.

I make a wish to the floating

Flowers, rising to the beat.

I close my eyes – we kiss,

I wake.

Walls pale and thin,

White explodes inwards

Towards the hospital bed.

I lay, no movement,

He holds my hand.

Time takes over – once more,

Tick after tick.

    * * * * *

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