Today’s Testimonials from the FEEDBACK Film & Writing Festival

WILDsound Festival

Read Today’s WILDsound Film & Writing Festival Testimonials:

Reactions from recent writers and filmmakers on the feedback on their work.


I have to say I’m deeply satisfied with the thoroughness of your review.
It leaves no question in my mind that my script was read and carefully
considered beginning to end.

– Fredric Maffei, Feature Screenplay Submission


Thank you. These are some good comments. I will resubmit.
– Paul Gross, TV Pilot Submission


Thank you for the extremely useful information/feedback.
– Coreetta Buchan, Feature Screenplay Submission


I was very happy my movie sold and people got what I wanted to say. The audience totally got it. It made me believe in myself tenfold.
– Tingting Liu (Being, Short Film)


It was very pleasing to hear the feedback from the festival. I was flattered. I’m glad our film was well-received.
– Burleigh Smith (FIXED, Short Film)

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