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Title: Never Done Before
Written by: Richard Metzger
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Action

Title: Mooselight Serenade
Written by: Ronald Micci
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Comedy

Title: The Contest
Written by: Andrew Irvine
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Action, Romance

Title: In The Flesh
Written by: Atika Yusuf
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Horror

Title: Red Ivory
Written by: Larry Thomas
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Adventure, Drama

Type: Feature Film
Genre: Horror

Title: Quasi (Or, The End of the World As We Know It)
Written by: King Abalos
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Mystery, Sci-fi, Thriller, Suspense, Action

Title: Please Don’t Eat the Rich
Written by: Scott Weinstein
Type: Feature…

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