October 2016 Fan Fiction Short Film Winner


Directed by Kyle Chen

Marty convinces Doc to go back to October 21, 2015 and when they arrive in current day they are shocked and disappointed. Everyone they see is obsessed with their cell phones and none of the cool inventions they remember from the previous trip to 2015 exist. They decide to leave this sad parallel universe.

Main Cast: Jeffrey Weissman
Actor/Doc Brown

Jeffrey Weissman has been performing as an actor since taking to the stage in 1972. He started in film in 1977, Jeffrey has costarred in dozens of film and television productions. He had been screen testing for leads in various films during the early 1980’s, and landed his first costar role in 1982 in George Miller’s “Nightmare at 30,000 Feet” episode of Twilight Zone the Movie. Jeffrey is best known for playing Teddy Conway in Clint Eastwood ‘s Pale Rider (1985) and taking over the George McFly role in the “Back to the Future” sequels. His recent working indie films have garnered him raves from his comedic turn in “corked!” as an OCD winemaker, and his dramatic work in several features.

Logan Wildey
Producer and Actor/Marty McFly

I’ve always loved film. Watching it, creating it, getting friends to help make it with me. “Back to the Future?” is the perfect example of me telling my 12 year old self that dreams really do come true. I fell in love with the trilogy at 12. I used to wonder what kind of person I would be when I was 32 because I knew that was the age I would be when Marty and Doc went to the future. I was lucky enough to get a lot of help from a lot of people to help make this final product possible. Although there were many people that didn’t think it could be done, my coproducer Jen Floor Mathews never doubted it for a second. She was the driver that kept this dream alive.

Main Crew:

Jen Floor Mathews
Producer/ Cell phone dropper

Jen Floor Mathews is a Silicon Valley actor who began taking Improv classes after finally completing a PhD in Psychology. Tired of auditioning to play a mother to interesting characters she began screenwriting in earnest. She now is an award winning producer and still auditions to play the role of “Mother” in other people’s films about young white people in their 20s. She is also employed by Dinner Detective in San Jose.

Yuito Kimura
Director of Photography

Yuito Kimura is San Francisco based Cinematographer, born in Tokyo, Japan. He kick started his earlier filmmaking education in Santa Barbara City College. Later he furthur his film study in the Academy of Art University, San Francisco majoring in Cinematography and visual storytelling. Through numerous filmmaking experiences, Yuito’s curiosity over filmmaking process has endowed him forward to learn and push boundaries of both the conventional and his unique style of his visual storytelling

Matthew McClelland
Director of Photography

I have been doing video production and other media related tasks for 6 years now. I started out making videos when I was Senior in High School and then I attended the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where I received my Bachelors of Science Degree with a major in Communications Media. Since then I have been striving to become the best story teller that I can be. Whether that is with filmmaking, photography, graphic design, web design or music. After graduating college, I decided to move out to California to pursue bigger dreams.

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