Directed by Mark J. Parker
This short non-profit fan film follows the events of the Scream films 1 through 4. Employees at a production company making a STAB TV series are targeted by a familiar attacker during a late night at the office.

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Director Biography – Mark J. Parker

Mark J. Parker was born in southern New Jersey and grew up acting in theater and independent films, and making his own student films, in the greater Philadelphia area. After studying at Temple University for a year, he moved to New York City in 2006 to attend Fordham University. In New York, he worked at various companies and networks like ABC, NBC, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Telepictures, Harpo, and Jarrett Creative Group. He started working on indie features and shorts in 2011, and continues to produce, cast, assistant direct, script supervise, shoot, edit, and of course write and direct indie and digital projects today. He directed his first real short film STICKS in 2015 in Maine and it screened at 40 North American film festivals in 2016-2017. He directed his second short FAMILY HISTORY in Connecticut in 2019 and premiered it at virtual festivals in late 2020 (still on the 2021 festival circuit). He now lives in southern Maine, where he freelances in entertainment/media, works on his next shorts, and teaches teens, children, and adults. His third short film is TWIN, which he safely shot during the pandemic in 2020 in Maine, currently on the 2021-2022 festival circuit. His fourth short, the Scream fan film 25 YEARS AFTER WOODSBORO is available to watch online. His podcast Release Date Rewind, focusing on old movies for their milestone anniversaries, releases two episodes per month wherever you listen to podcasts.

Director Statement

I have been a fan of the Scream films since the first time I saw the commercials/trailer, when I was only 9 years old. I have studied them for 25 years, loving the characters, dialogue, homages to previous horror films, and the twists of course. This is my love letter to the franchise and my opening sequence to my own idea for Scream 5 that I’ve been thinking about since 2016.

This film is a non-profit fan film and is original material for non-commercial entertainment. This film is not authorized or endorsed by Fun World, Miramax, Paramount, or any other companies affiliated with the Scream property. This film was self-funded and no profit shall be made from it being viewed publicly.

Ghost Face is a registered trademark of Fun World Div., Easter Unlimited, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Ghost Face protected under worldwide copyright registration and is the exclusive property of Fun World Div., Easter Unlimited, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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