Kevin Croxton is the founder of the Parkview Music Club. He is also an Emmy Award Winning composer, having scored numerous projects for film and television. Mr. Croxton teaches his music club students about the film making process through creating music videos and short films. Their latest film project is In The Blink Of An Eye: A James Bond Fan Film

Director Statement

For many years, I have had the great opportunity of working with students in the Parkview Music Club to create short films. We typically make 1 film per year, and during that time, the students learn a great deal about the filmmaking process. During production, the children have recording sessions for dialogue and singing, and get to shoot on location with a film crew. Upon completion, we release the film and the children get to see their hard work pay off.
Our latest short film is a tribute to the James Bond Film Series called “In The Blink Of An Eye: A James Bond Film”, which is a tribute to decades of Bond films, and on this project we’ve been blessed to have a cameo in our film by George Lazenby, who played 007 in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. Thank you so much for taking time to watch and consider our film!

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