Director BIO: Joshua Weathersby (LAUNDRY DAY (Superman))

Joshua Weathersby is an award-winning screenwriter and editor, based in Los Angeles. He is a writer/producer/director/editor and founder of Endless Mile Studios which focuses on narrative art and diverse storytelling, exploring epic sci-fi, fantasy, and visionary superhero feature films and shorts, with an emphasis on inclusivity.
Joshua’s love of Hollywood began when he was five years old following his mother, Judy Spiegelman–a noted writer and editor of Soul Magazine and Newspaper–around backstage and on set. Judy fostered his love of performing and, Joshua, ended up with a brief stint on stage with, James Brown, which lead to him getting his picture in, Jet Magazine.
At 15 he was recruited by Shimer College’s humanities program. He graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a BA in Illustration and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. As an undergraduate he worked for WM Potter & Associates as an Art Director creating storyboards and layouts for clients.
He then moved on to work for Chicago-based production company, Artistic Communication Center, where he created and designed dynamic and visually engaging layouts, logos, and illustrations for clients including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Illinois Fatherhood Initiative, The National Medical Association, and Johnson Products Company. Joshua’s love of filmmaking lead him to Artistic Communications Center, and Earth Network / Underground News Network, in Chicago.
Joshua was also taught by his father, Cassius Weathersby–a noted feature film and music video producer–who took his son under his wing after college and taught him every job on set by making him work literally every job on set from the bottom to the top.
As a filmmaker, Joshua, has helped create such artistic projects as, The Angler, as well as narrative biopic, Healer Beginnings: The Story of Dr. Theo Kousouli, the Windy Barnes music video, Alter Call, his screenplay, Joshua’s Soul, won at the New York International Independent Film Festival, and his editing on the documentary, Sour, earned him an award for best editing. He is executive producing, Mile Marker 42, Bomb Pizza, and Elyria, which won finalist for L.A. Live Read.
Joshua’s End Studios, based in Southern California, had become a major force in streaming video/media production. Joshua is recognized as an expert in multimedia design, web design, digital editing, camera operations, a media producer, and convergence media director. Joshua has had a creative hand in different levels of production on a wide variety of music videos and feature films with, Compton’s Finest, Rebound Sex, and N.Y.C. Underground just to name a few.
Joshua’s passion for creative storytelling, especially in sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero genre has inspired his directing. He was on the forefront of the digital media revolution in the early 2000s when he started END Studios as a freelance post production and streaming media company. In 2019 he rebranded and Endless Mile Studios, was born in his office in Northridge; a full service production company with an eye for giving a voice to the voiceless in storytelling.
Endless Mile Studios (EMS) is a full-service film production company focused on diverse storytelling in the indie, comic book, horror, sci-fi, and dramatic world. We provide a myriad of services ranging from in-house production to a full-spectrum of film equipment. We got you covered from pre through post production with our production suite, producers, crew, and anything else you need. Our mission is to create a bridge between filmmaker and completed project. We are a boutique production company that focuses on diverse voices in the independent film world. We find character-driven scripts and directors with dynamic vision, to help create and share engaging stories.

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