Screenplay Festival: January 14, 2018 Event

WILDsound Festival

 The FEEDBACK Screenplay Festival’s 2nd event of 2018 features a reading of an original screenplay of the RICK & MORTY TV show, plus two short scripts and 22 best scenes.

If there was a theme to this evening, it would be TENSE COMEDY.

Full cast list available next week.

TV SPEC Script Reading of RICK and MORTY TV Show, by Daniel Richardson

Genre: Comedy, Animation

After shooting Summer and Morty with a ray that forces them to spout their inner monologues, Rick takes Beth out on a space adventure for her birthday.

10 page SCI-FI SHORT Script Reading of VIRTUALLY FINE by Gil Saint

Genre: Sci-FI, Comedy, Satire

What good is living in the world of tomorrow if you’re still haunted by all the problems of today? That’s the question at the center of this dystopian dark comedy. But science may finally have an answer: an experimental device…

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