Watch the October 2016 Winning Adventure/Comedy TV Pilot Reading

WILDsound Festival

Written by Larry Hankin


Genre: Crime, Mystery, Adventure, Comedy

A Crime Comedy: A Homeless Gentleman in Venice, CA, sets out to help a friend accused of stealing a diamond ring, only to become the prime suspect in the theft.

NARRATOR – Sean Ballantyne
EMMETT – Hugh Ritchie
RUSTY – Cass Van Wyck
MRS. B – Becky Shrimpton
CARMELA – Jane Smythe
OFFICER BUDD – Paul Whitaker
OFFICER LEW – Percy Alexander Harris
EDDIE/ROBBIE – Benjamin Camenzuli

Get to know the winning writer:

What is your TV series about?

It’s about how it’s possible to build your dream with just what you got inside and what’s available outside, but emotions and other people don’t work like that.

Why should this screenplay be made into a TV show?

3 reasons: A. Because it’s got a particular voice not out there. “Emmett”, the central character, is eccentric…

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