WILDsound Announces its June 2016 Short Screenplay Winners

WILDsound Festival

Watch the 3 Winning Short Screenplay Readings from June 2016. All screenplays performed by professional actors. CLICK the links and get to know the writers.

#1 – Short Screenplay: DEATH’S LADY LOVE, by Stephen M. Hunt

Short Screenplay Reading: DEATH’S LADY LOVE, by Stephen M Hunt

Genre: Horror


Death falls in love only to find that love is a killer.

#2 – Short Screenplay – LESS THAN HOMELESS, by Allan B. Hill

Short Screenplay Reading: LESS THAN HOMELESS, by Allan B Hill

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: The life of Henry, a sombre, homeless man living in the city. It explores ideas on how the public relate to the homeless community and also how the homeless community exists within itself.

#3 – Short Screenplay – OZARK, by Craig Mrock

Short Screenplay Reading: OZARK by Craig Mrock

Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: Roger, takes a chance at sitting next to the girl he’s madly in love with…

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