June 12, 2016 – Writing Festival Details

WILDsound Festival

This week’s writing festival is a showcase of the July 2016 winning feature screenplay. Plus, 8 winning short screenplay performance readings.

They will be performed by some of the top actors working in Toronto today.

Here are the details of the screenplays being performed:

Feature Screenplay – FIEND by Jeff York

Genre: Horror, Thriller

When famed Jekyll & Hyde author Robert Louis Stevenson turns out himself to be a dangerous split personality, the only one who can save him and London from his fiendish alter ego is a maverick American psychiatrist with daring, unconventional methods.

Short Screenplay – THE TRENCH by Chris Beadnell

Genre: Action

After successfully shelling the German trench on the Somme battlefield, the British soldiers move in to clear the area of any enemy survivors.

Short Screenplay – STRANGER by Jason Smith

Genre: Drama

A young girl wakes up in the passenger seat of a strangers car.

Short Screenplay –…

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