June 6, 2016 – Writing Festival Details

WILDsound Festival

This week’s Writing Festival is a showcase of the winning TV screenplays. Two TV PILOTS and a TV SPEC of the show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” 

They will be performed by some of the top actors working in Toronto today.

Here are the details of the screenplays being performed:

#1 -TV PILOT –  CIVILIAN by Gina Scanlon

Genre: Drama, Crime

Synopsis: A young marine returns to her small Texas town after a recent tour in the South Sudan to complete police academy.

#2 -TV PILOT –  WILD MAGIC by Julie Nichols

Genre: Family, Fantasy, Drama

Synopsis: A female teenager enters a typical High School and is immediately challenged by bully. Unbeknown to her – she has the ability to do magic. It’s Buffy meets ABC Family.

#3 – TV SPEC – BROOKLYN NINE-NINE by Linsen Oyosa

Genre: Sitcom, Comedy, Crime

Synopsis: Jake and Charles try to take down a drug dealer. Meanwhile, Terry deals with inter-precinct theft…

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