Video Pitch for MOTHERLAND, Feature Screenplay by Christopher Chance

WILDsound Festival

Watch Video Pitch Logline:

Get to know writer Christopher Chance:

1. What is your story about? MOTHERLAND is about Arrowsmith, a gritty leader of secret agents working out of Berlin and when several influential Jews (Rabbis) are assassinated by neo-Nazi terrorists in Berlin, it comes to the attention of the British Secret Service that an infamous Arab bomb maker is working with the Nazis. This information was discovered by Zac Bleiberg, a Mossad agent seconded to the Brits. When photos of Nazis were seen to include Saif Al-Adel, the Hezbollah bomb maker, Zac pointed him out. The subsequent investigation reveals the involvement of the Russians, in the form of Zina Zarubina, a senior Kremlin spy, whose agenda is solely to expedite the diversionary tactics to coincide with the missile attack in Syria. But, she has a big problem with Saif Al-Adel, who wants to kill the Brits who 'made' him…

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