EXIT RIGHT Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK Video from the Nov. 2015 Film Festival

WILDsound Festival

See the best of the November 2015 Film Festival:

EXIT RIGHT was the winner of Best Film at the November 2015 FEEDBACK Film Festival.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of EXIT RIGHT:

  MOVIE POSTEREXIT RIGHT, 5min, Germany, Drama
Directed by Bernhard Wenger & Rupert Holler

Look away or intervene? When a black man is victim of unfounded, racial abuse in a packed bus, there is only one passenger who won’t ignore the situation like everyone else.

Read the audience transcript of EXIT RIGHT:

Moderator, Matthew Toffolo: The film from Germany, Exit Right.

Audience Member 1: So when I first started to see the plot come out I was like, Oh this guy’s not racist he’s just legitimately upset that this guy’s dodging the ticket, right? Like, oh there’s an interesting twist, he’s just really moral on tickets! And then as he slowly starts talking about how you guys come here… I was…

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