RSVP FEEDBACK Film Festival (Best of Comedy/Drama Shorts) Thur. Nov. 26th, 7pm, Carlton Cinemas

WILDsound Festival

SPECIAL EVENT: Featuring the best of Comedy/Drama Short Films from around the world

Tenth and last event of 2015. RSVP your FEEDBACK Toronto Film Festival seats.

Thursday November 26th event. 7pm to 9pm, Carlton Cinemas, 20 Carlton Street.

RSVP your seats now for the event. Plus, see full details of every film being played.

This month’s festival is a packed lineup of the greatest comedy/drama short films from the last year.

Giving you films from all corners of the world in different genres and formats. And there is a theme that ties all the films together. You pick the theme on the night and you win a big prize!

CLICK here and watch the moderation videos from our last event. Theme was ‘DEATH’:

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