BOUDOIR – AUDIENCE FEEDBACK from the Oct. 2015 Film Festival

WILDsound Festival

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK for BOUDOIR:

Here’s what the audience had to say about BOUDOIR (moderated by Matthew Toffolo):

“I liked this film. The theme. The sexy-ness. It was a solid short.”

“This layer of super-sexy that’s intimating and scary. It’s an interesting contrast.”

“A scary film. Creepy. And sexy too.”

“You won’t see another film quite like this one. Great!”

BOUDOIR, 9min, US, Horror/Mystery
Directed by Gina Lee Ronhovde

An agoraphobic photographer is psychologically tortured by a mysterious client during a routine boudoir photography session, escalating into a battle to stay alive.

Director Statement

“Cooper…the idea for this…really came from a dream?”

“Yes, Harry, it did.”

– Twin Peaks

The concept of BOUDOIR originally came from a terrifying, David Lynch-y-Twin Peaks-inpsired dream I had at age 13, where I stumbled upon a body wrapped in plastic.

In a panic, I called 911, and turned the body over, only to…

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