Watch the October 2015 Best Scene Readings

WILDsound Festival

DEADLINE October 15th: Submit your best scene from your screenplay. Have it performed using professional actors:

Watch the 3 Best Scene Readings Performed by professional actors at the festival:

BEST SCENE – Unlikely Angels
Written by Anne Nemes


NARRATOR – Charles Gordon
PETE – Rob Salerno
MIKE – Jerald Bezener
MARGOT – Julie Burris

    * * * * *

Best Scene SCRIPT – Symposium
Written by Peter Harmon and Larry Postel


NARRATOR – Jane Smythe
DANNY – Peter Nelson
ZOE – Becky Shrimpton
ALEX – Sean Ballantyne
LANDO – Bubba

    * * * * *

Best Scene SCRIPT – Capstone Lost & Found
Written by Pamela Green


NARRATOR – Kiran Friesen
EVERETT – Peter Nelson

    * * * * *

WATCH the past best scene readings and see what happens when you submit:

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