You Can Run – Chapter 40 Novel Reading by Greg Smith

WILDsound Festival

Watch the Chapter 40 Reading of the Novel YOU CAN RUN:

Novel performed by actress Val Cole

Get to know writer Greg Smith

1. What is your novel about?

Capt. Kramer, USMC, while deployed to Afghanistan rescues a dog from the streets of a nearby town after a devastating car bomb attack. Kramer’s troops take to the small dog instantly and name him Shadow because he never leaves Kramer’s side, and also give him the rank of corporal. During the remainder of the deployment, Shadow soon learns the ins and outs of ‘serving’ in the Marine Corps and becomes a very efficient guard dog. His baptism under fire comes the day Kramer takes him along on a routine patrol that quickly turns into an ambush and escalates to a major firefight that has Kramer and Shadow almost killed. The battalion rotates home and Kramer and Shadow finish their recuperation…

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