WILDsound Festival Review – Read Today’s Testimonials of Feature Screenplays, Novels, 1st Chapter,

WILDsound Festival

Today’s WILDsound Festival Review Testimonials:

I would like to thank you for this excellent coverage.
– Ken Campbell, Feature Script Submission

    * * * * *

I appreciate the review and excellent comments/suggestions. I like them and will use them to make improvements in the story and in my technique. I am quite satisfied with the notes.
– Garry Rogers, Full Novel Submission

    * * * * *

Such good suggestions! Thank you so much for your review, I had no idea I’d receive this level of detail.
– Ann Philipp, 1st Chapter Submission

    * * * * *

Thank you. You provided excellent feedback.
– Michael Thompson, 1st Chapter Submission

    * * * * *

Also, Free logline submissions. The Writing Festival network averages over 95,000 unique visitors a day.
Great way to get your story out: http://www.wildsound.ca/logline.html

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