NO LOVE LOST – AUDIENCE FEEDBACK from WILDsound Aug. 2015 Film Festival

WILDsound Festival

NO LOVE LOST was the Winner of Best Performances and Best Cinematography at the FEEDBACK Film Festival

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Film:

NO LOVE LOST, Drama/Romance, 15min, UK
Directed by Shekhar Bassi

Director’s Statement

NO LOVE LOST came into existence following a very precocious conversation with my ten-year-old niece who questioned the idea of ‘hating someone’.

We wanted to convey a multi-dimensional and engrossing story of the isolation of hatred in a world where love overcomes differences hence chose the world of our story to be an urban setting rather than going across geographical borders. For us the underlying subtext was ‘we alienate our self by hating while believing we are alienating the person or thing we hate’.

Playing with the notion of love and hate we knew that one of the main themes of the film was identity and London was the perfect city to explore…

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