The art of writing the first moments of your script – The First Scene screenplay contest

WILDsound Festival

One of our more popular and exciting contests is our First Scene Screenplay Contest. As of this writing, we have already showcased 23 performances of first scene scripts in 2014 and have 2 more set to be read in November. In 2015, we plan on showcasing at least 3 first scene script readings a month.

Watch the recent and past readings performed by an amazing talent of professional actors:

We’ve been fortunate to showcase opening moments in many different genres: From Comedy to Drama to Sci-Fi to Thriller and everything else in between.

Submit your own 1st Scene Script today and get it performed. FULL FEEDBACK on all entries.

In the first 10 pages the writer needs to let the reader know in general terms what the story is about, and what is at stake. Plus, set the tone of what world and genre the writer has created…

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