WILDsound Festival Review – Today’s Testimonials from recent submitted works.

WILDsound Festival

WILDsound Festival is giving you new testimonials every day from recent submitted works.

Deadlines to Submit your Screenplay, Novel, Story, or Poem to the festival: http://www.wildsound.ca

    * * * * *

Thank you so much for reading my script and for your feedback. This is very valuable information and I would love to rewrite and resubmit.

– Zubaira Ahmed, TV PILOT

    * * * * *

Thanks for the AWESOME feedback! Very insightful and alot of great points! Appreciate it very much.

– Anthony Dones, Short Film Submission

    * * * * *

Thanks again for posting the video and interview. It’s really great to hear my uncle’s words come to life and my mother even commented that Maya Woloszyn, who performed the reading sounded like a Barbadian when she was performing the chapter. Thanks again for all that you’ve done, including the great feedback from your reviewers.

– Steven…

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