TV PILOT Reading of HOT FLASH HIGH by Molly Driscoll

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Watch the Winning TV PILOT Reading of HOT FLASH HIGH:


NARRATOR – Susan Wilson
GRACE – Antosia Fiedur
RILEY – Rochelle Burke
DIANE – Maya Woloszyn
ALEX/BRANDON – Paul Falkowski
TREVOR – Aieron Munro
CHARLIE – Robert Notman
DR. BROWNSTEIN – Charles Gordon
NURSE WILSON – Susan Q. Wilson

Get to know writer Molly Driscoll:

1. What is your TV PILOT screenplay about?

After a medical crisis, 16 year-old GRACE’S perfect high school life is threatened when she undergoes “medically induced menopause,” effectively draining her of hormones. Determined to keep her idyllic life, Grace tries to hide her new condition, but her body might not be so willing.

2. Why should this screenplay be made into a television show?

I think because everything about it is a surprise. In “Hot Flash High,” my goal was to write characters you thought you knew, but with a second glance, you…

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