Twitter (140 Characters) Short Story Contest Winners. Read all 25 winning stories

WILDsound Festival

Enclosed are the 25 winners for our inaugural “very short story” festival contest.

All 25 winners will now have their stories made into a movie using a professional voice over artist:

Submit your own Very Short Story to the Festival:

Title: Where is the ‘Good’ in ‘Goodbye’?

by W. T. Paterson

At the airport gate she kissed him, and she cried, and he said “I clogged your toilet,” and she cried some more.

Title: A New Home For You, Dear

by Ida Ayu Lestari

A woman in red gave a book to a little boy, before he’s gone missing. Later, the mother finds him inside a book in his room, with the woman.

Title: The gentle sunset

by B.W.Shearer

A palm tree small but tall
Against the deepening sky
Sits at the centre of
The gentle sunset of
Subtle pink and rusty red
Slowly diminishing around

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