Interview with Winning Novelist Fayton Hollington (Conception of a Dialysis Patient)

WILDsound Festival

I frankly could not envision where a novelist would dismiss a chance at exposure such as this. The WILDsound Festival is on the cutting edge of literary innovation, something novelist need; exposure. I applaud their commitment, and willingness to think outside the box, by taking chances, in offering Novelist a platform.

– Fayton Hollington

    Watch the 1st Chapter Reading of CONCEPTION OF A DIALYSIS PATIENT:

    Novel transcript performed by Mark Sparks

Matthew Toffolo interviews writer Fayton Hollington:

Matthew: What is your novel about?

Fayton: Introducing you, and transporting you on this journey, is my attempt at shining a light, in hopes of moving you closer to where fate has led so many of us. Since the age of twelve, the Nephrology world has, and continues to have me tethered.

Thrust into the world of dialysis as an adult, it is from my chair, the unspoken truths are bared. The raw…

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