Get to know the short film DAD IN MUM. Playing at the Thurs. Aug. 27th Film Festival

WILDsound Festival

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Thursday August 27th. 7pm. Carlton Cinemas in downtown Toronto

DAD IN MUM, Family/Comedy, 7min, France
Directed by Fabrice Bracq

The middle of the night. Moans are heard behind the parents’ door. Two young sisters are asking questions…

Running time: 6:10

Country of production: France

Year of production: 2014

Production: Rusty Production

Distribution: Rusty Production

Original title: PAPA DANS MAMAN

International Title: DAD IN MUM

Country of production: France

Type: Shortfilm

Category: Fiction

Genre: Children and Teen Movie, Comedy

Subject matter: Childhood

Colour: Color

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Deadline FEEDBACK Toronto Film Festival:

– FULL FEEDBACK on your film from the audience. Garner an audience feedback video on your film.

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