VIDEO PITCH for The Polo Player, Feature Screenplay by Ulisses Santiago

WILDsound Festival

Video Pitch for THE POLO PLAYER:

Get to know writer Ulisses Santiago:

1. What is your story about?

A political thriller about the CIA covert espionage operations in Europe and Cuba of a 1960s Latin Diplomat, Polo Player and Playboy on a mission to save the upscale status of his youth in Paris by conquering the richest and most notorious women of his time.

2. Why should people know about yourself and your story?

I am an Author and Screenwriter born in Brooklyn, New York bringing new, non-stereotyped Hispanic Characters into mainstream film storytelling.

3. How long have you been writing stories?

Since I was 10 yrs old.

4. What movie have you seen the most in your life?

Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick

5. Who would you like to collaborate with on a creative project?

Benicio del Toro and Martin Scorsese

6. How many stories/screenplays have you written?


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