VIDEO PITCH for Plan B Positive, Short Screenplay by Elizabeth Buck

WILDsound Festival

Watch the Video Pitch for PLAN B POSITIVE:

Get to know writer Elizabeth Buck:

1. What is your story about?

My short film is about a bisexual vampire (Mina Strigoi) who is encouraged to go to a speed dating event after receiving encouragement from her ex. Mina reluctly attends and, by the end of the night, seems to have found her true love (Antoinette). However, she quickly realizes that it was all a revenge ploy, set up by Lucy.

2. Why should people know about yourself and your story?

I think people should know my story because it is a refreshing take on the now cliché vampire drama in that it doesn’t take itself to seriously and it isn’t just for teens. (I mean no insult, my Tumblr friends.) Also, if/when people take interest in me as a writer, then I will feel motivated to possibly extend the story of…

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