Director Biography – Ronnie Henry (THE CONFESSIONS OF THE BAT)

758ad038ca headshot

An award-winning Writer & Director who loves film and creating a good story at the same time. His main ambition is to become either a film writer/director/editor because all aspects of media are huge personal passions of him. This is why he has decided to combine his love for stories and the art medium of film in order to make his own amazing stories.

I have worked on music, corporate and promotional videos in different roles – camera operating; editing, and storyboarding. I’ve directed short films (live-action/animation) some of which have won awards and been selected at prestigious film festivals around the world.

Director Statement

I know the art of filmmaking will demand a lot from me and I believe I can maintain high standards in my work. My aim is to work in the film industry, more specifically directing and editing. I see it as a new media form that is relevant to today’s society and worthy of study.

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